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ATGs are based on research funded by Cornell University and other
academic institutions. They developed a facility in Ithaca, NY able to
grow plants indoors year around with superior yields and quality
compared to traditional agricultural field crops.

Firms in the Netherlands embraced this method of agriculture and
refined it to offer better efficiencies and lower costs.

CEI operations are eco-friendly and result in conserving water,
elimination of pesticides, no fertilization runoff, and in sequestering
carbon dioxide. This is unlike conventional open-field agricultural
methods, which are fossil-fuel intensive, a major source of greenhouse
gases and noted for environmentally insensitive practices.
The Confluent Energy production approach will create a new
sustainable-agricultural sector to provide consumers in the Northeast
with a wide selection of locally grown, high quality foods year-around.
CEI plans to use Electric Vehicles for all possible applications, including
delivery of end products as part of its ESG initiatives.

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