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Our Mission

CEI’s mission is to employ environmentally friendly and sustainable
agriculture technology to grow leafy green vegetables that are superior in overall quality, freshness, and taste, without the risk of contaminants common in field grown produce.

Our initial focus is on 78 acres already under contract where we are
constructing up to 40 acres of ATGs in 10-acre increments. This land has been leased from Howmet Aerospace (a spin-off from Alcoa). CEI has an exclusive 5-year right to develop greenhouses on the 2,000-acre Howmet Aerospace campus.

Shortly after our initial greenhouses are operational, we will start to
develop a cluster of independent CEA growers to form an agriculture complex serving the Northeast as a market basket of various, sustainable healthy produce. We believe the existing industrial infrastructure, excellent labor pool, favorably priced renewable power and economic development incentives will attract many growers now serving other regions to become part of the complex. Growers will be able to take advantage of savings in sourcing supplies, delivery costs, research, packaging, testing product quality, marketing and more. Most of all it will establish a central source for a large variety of produce to feed the Northeast 365 days per year with socially responsible agriculture.

Massena is in an “Opportunity Zone” that affords investors the ability to earn tax free capital gains. CEI is taking advantage of that for its investors to realize superior returns. It is expected to be an attractive option to growers wishing to locate in the complex.

Images are courtesy of Hortiplan N.V.

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